Lubezine Magazine

Lubezine Magazine is a one stop information source for the lubricants market in Africa.  It brings together the following players in the lubricants industry;

  • Base oil suppliers
  • Additives suppliers
  • Lubricants blenders
  • Lubricants marketers
  • Lubricants professionals
  • Lubricants end-users
  • Supplier of lubricants industry materials eg. labels, plastic containers

Lubezine  is a technical magazine that addresses the  needs of the lubricants and lubrication industry in  East Africa region. It is  a full colour glossy magazine targeting the players in the lubricant industry ranging from lubricants marketers and producers, lubricants end -users and other support industries such as packaging and lubrication equipment suppliers.

Lubezine is a quarterly magazine with a monthly circulation of over 3,000 copies which are distributed free of charge  to qualified subscribers in the lubricants industry.

Lubezine is a one stop information source for the lubricants market in the region.

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